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Pre/Post Natal



Research has shown that Pilates during pregnancy can greatly benefit the mother, the foetus and the labour process.

Pre-Natal Pilates programming can:

  • Reduce insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia
  • Reduce the need for CS and instrumental deliveries
  • Reduce Diastasis Recti issues
  • Eliminate incontinence through pelvic floor exercises.
  • Significantly shorten labour
  • Reduce the risk of preterm labour
  • Maintain healthy weight and prevent obesity in pregnancy
  • Maintain muscle length and flexibility
  • Improve coordination and breast awareness
  • Accelerate postnatal recovery
  • Post-Natal Pilates programming can:
  • Prevent incontinence
  • Restore the abdominal canister
  • Strengthen the abdominals
  • Develop muscular tone and strength
  • Maintain bone density
  • Enhance psychological well-being
  • Reduce anxiety and postnatal depression